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Top Ten things to do on Vacation

  1.  Golfing at the most prestigious courses from around the world
  2. Getting clean fresh air and soothing breezes.
  3. Taking a cruise- Watching the sun go down
  4. Walking along a beach after an amazing lunch or dinner
  5. Rafting the waters that sends butterflies within you
  6. Swimming in the crystal clear blue ocean
  7. Escaping to your favorite camping spots
  8. Reading or listening to books from your favorite author(s)
  9. Hiking the most adventurous and breath-taking trails
  10. Dancing the night away

As an added touch:

  • Attending sporting events of your favorite team(s)
  • Heading out to Casinos with family and/or freinds
  • Theme parks- Disneyland, Seaworld and Universal Studios

As an extra bonus:

  • Last but not less———SLEEP
  • Goodnight

Top Ten Nightmares about Traveling

1. Dirty toilets or the lack of: Having to search for one can be daunting.

2. Children working: It is very sad as parents try their best to raising the children. To see their kids exhausted as they are.
3. Bugs: This experience no matter where you go. Can and will leave an impression.
4. Pollution: Many countries have this. Getting educated of where these spots are will make your trip more pleasant
5. Getting sick: Not an experience one wants to endure. Taking the right precautions can help eliminate this
6. Unpleasant or rude business agents: These agents can tarnish any future plans
7. Lost luggage: Personal/business can be costly and time consuming to recover
8. Annoying or stinky passengers: This is one that is hard to avoid or make better of this situation.
9. Nearby violence or abuse: Not a sight to see. Closed eyes and ears can’t stop it.
10. Lack of proper or reasonable communication with businesses or agents: Being taken, ripped off and lost are just the beginning of being told later.

Welcome to Steamboat (Mokuahi) Market Place


The most exciting way to shop!!!
Aloha!  Welcome to Steamboat Market Place .  Our mission is to assist consumers shopping experience. By associating with highly respectable companies.  Those who value their clients as we do. Also, getting you the best deals available.

For those that love to shop and where time is an essence.  We bring the MALL to you.  You are just less than 3 clicks away to reach your destination. Yes, it’s that easy.  How easy is it.  View the “Guide to Mall Merchants“.  They all have links directly to your desired merchant(s).  With over 50 merchants to chose from.  With more to come.  So, stay tuned as more is coming your way.  Many of merchants have exciting deals you don’t want to miss.

As we all know.  Not everyone has time or patience to take the time walking and strolling around a mall.  Some are on a budget,  others can be so lucky.  Some have physical challenges.  Some have children to tend to.  Some have had bad experiences at a mall.  PARKING.  Some shoppers just have their own reason(s) for not going to a mall.


  • Shop at your own convenience
  • Dress in a manner of you own taste
  • No pressure sales agents
  • Don’t need a ride
  • The restrooms are near by and clean
  • The weather is always right
  • Be at peace

For those that do love to shop at the Mall.  Please enjoy yourself.  This is for those shoppers for whatever reason they just need to save TIME.  You can go anywhere and be anywhere and with whom you ever want.  You can take as long as you want to shop.  No OPEN or CLOSING hours.

For more information,  please email all inquires to


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